Website Package for Small Businesses


We're excited to announce this featured service: A Standard Website Package for Small Businesses.

You already know that implementing an efficient, objective-driven website that works is a practical and necessary marketing & sales strategy for growing your business.

But guess what, implementing a new website requires creative skills and project management savvy. AND time.

We're dedicated to working with small businesses to take the hassle out of launching a website. An efficient website is more than a simple DIY project, but it certainly doesn't have to be overly complicated.

In 2018 you don't need to hire a developer to implement a well designed, functional website. We're team #NODEVELOPERS on this one. Instead, we use tried and true, pre-developed templates and web-builder platforms to deliver great value.


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  • Website layout & design using a website builder platform.
  • Optimization for mobile devices.
  • Basic in-site SEO and Keyword Optimization.
  • Integration of existing branding for new site.
  • Custom email to match your domain. 
  • Lightbox feature to capture leads online.
  • Website copy generation.
  • Image sourcing.
  • Establishment of essential service accounts.
  • Onboarding, assistance & intro into updating your new user-friendly web builder platform to make updates on your own.
  • Full project management and a working file containing key information needed for maintaining & updating your website.
  • Access to C7CW support.