Focused, clarifying, coaching sessions.

Have you reached a place in your business, projects, endeavors, or vocational journey where you are paralyzed by the question of "what to do next"? Are you at a halt, wondering how to organize, manage projects, conduct better more efficient & effective meetings, or how to plan your days & weeks around actions that really move the needle forward? Are you on mute, needing clarity about what to say and how to craft purposeful messages & visuals? 

1-1 coaching areas

  • Holding better, more efficient meetings & objective interactions using MAP (mini agenda prefaces).

  • Crafting your business or brand message with purpose.

  • Creating aesthetics and visuals for your brand ( look, feel, tone etc.).
  • How to manage a project like a pro & use QRFs (quick reference sheets).
  • Learn & maximize your strengths by developing a strengths-based action plan. 
  • Clarify how & who to market to in 2018.